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“And 1 For ALL”

     Welcome to “And 1 For ALL”, your number one source for all things “Trending” (Cosplay, Leggings, Bags, Shoes, Women/Men Accessories, etc…) and of the “Highest Quality”…).

     At “And 1 For ALL”…We are simply “committed” to delivering You the very best (cutting edge) of All things “Fashion”, “Style”, “Fad”, “Flavor of the Month”, etc… with a focus on Customer Service (first), Dependability and Uniqueness of “And 1 For ALL” Brand.

     Founded in 2016 by David Taylor Sr. & Jr. (Father & Son), “And 1 For ALL” has come a long way from its beginnings in a small bedroom converted to a home office in Marietta, GA.

The Journey

     When David Taylor Sr. & Jr. first started out, their passion to guide and help children/young adults take their first steps into “Entrepreneurship” (via Multi-Media), inspired them to Start their first Non-Profit 501c3 Organization “Met-A-Spire Y.A.C (Youth Attention Center)”.

     Both, having the desire and drive… Believing in their “Purpose”… Their “Why”… and that because they were in it for “ALL the RIGHT Reasons”… they quit their jobs and put their Heart and Soul into the development of “Met-A-Spire Y.A.C (Youth Attention Center)”.

Little did they know…
“Experience of being In-Experienced”

     It did not take long for them to discover that “Desire”, “Drive” and even “Motivation” towards helping another person succeed were not the only requirements to starting, operating and managing a successful business. Due to prematurely starting the Non-Profit Organization and not having the knowledge to fully operate and manage it successfully, they were left with few choices (and funding, which was all internal, was depleted within the first year of business). This lead them to dissolve the Non-Profit Organization “Met-A-Spire Y.A.C.” and go back to the “drawing board” to continually learn all they can about the Non-Profit sector before embarking upon that Journey and Labor of Love again.


     Being In-Experienced (and just diving in “head first”) delivered a few eye-opening results…!

1. It takes a lot more than just “good intentions” to Succeed at Business…
2. They became the “Living Examples” of what they had set out to do…

     Their aim was to Mentor and Inspire Youth to take their first steps toward “Entrepreneurship”…and they (at the same time) gave little to no attention to the fact they had indeed become the first (of what would hopefully become many) “EXAMPLES” of their own “Entrepreneur Mentoring” course).

Together… They “Failed”…!!!     &…  Together… They continually FALL “FORWARD”…!!!

     Continuing the theme of “Entrepreneur”… They then sat out to locate and educate themselves about other means of income that could help them attain the “Financial Freedom” needed to fund Met-A-Spire Y.A.C. Non-Profit Organization. That led them to embark on the journey of Internet Marketing/Advertising (E-Commerce). Feeling as though they found “the Way” (after spending extensive hours on intense research), they were Inspired to take Action…!

From the ground up, they began constructing their Brand…
“And 1 For ALL”…!


Founders’ Mission…

     We aim to continually present our Customers with the Best Product at the Best Price (Saving You “Money”… and also Saving You valuable “Time”), delivering the “Best On-Line Shopping Experience” from anywhere in the World. We (at “And 1 For ALL”) pride ourselves in the dedication of “EXCELLENCE of Service”, while initiating and upholding the Strictest of Security measures to ensure that from the moment You enter “And 1 For ALL”, You are “GUARANTEED” a “Safe”, Secure and Pleasurable On-Line experience.

     We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


David Taylor Sr/Jr


"Our aim is continual focus on the want, need and satisfaction of every
"We pride ourselves in building Positive and Lasting Relationships with each Customer”…
“We aim to be a “1-Stop Shop” that carry “Something for Everybody” in our Inventory”…


*We now serve customers all over the World, and are thrilled to be a part of Your on-line shopping experience.*

*15% of net proceeds are donated to helping Mentoring programs Educate & Guide Youth towards Entrepreneurship Training*


Rather Spring, Summer, Fall and/or Winter…,
allow us
to be YOUR destination for All things Trending…!