Multi-Language - Portable Two-Way Smart Voice Translator

The Ultimate Gift for a Traveler,this Multi-Language - Portable Two-Way Smart Voice Translator now supports over 30+ different languages (and counting)!


  • Anyone who has tried learning a new language KNOWS how challenging it can be to remember all those words and pronunciations. With this innovative device, you can learn in REAL TIME! When you speak into this Two-Way Smart Voice Translator, it will repeat them back to you instantly, in another language! If you are someone who loves to travel to foreign countries or simply just loves indulging in other cultures then this language translator is a must have.

  • What's even more powerful about this device is the High TranslationAccuracy. With its high sensitivity and fidelity microphone/speaker, it picks up whatever you say and translates it into your target language. Not only that, but it can also intelligently recognize different accents, such as British, American, Indian, and many other popular dialects. 

  • There's also an App that will allow you to connect the device to your smartphone via Bluetooth for Real-Time Interactive Translation. This will allow you to choose your source and target languages on the app and record your message on the translator. It will recognize what you said then speak out loudly the simultaneous translation result from translator and show words on your smartphone (Compatible with both iOS and Android phones.).
  • Want to know what's one of the best parts about this Device...It's Portable! The small handheld Design means that you can keep it in your purse, your pocket or wallet, etc.
  • Translate any and all major languages simply by speaking into the voice translator. Experience two-way, instant, speech translation in over 30 languages!

    Supported languages:

  • Simplified Chinese, Cantonese, Sichuan dialect, Traditional Chinese, English (China), English (US), English (UK), English (Australia), English (India), Korean, Japanese, French, German, French (Canada), Spanish, Spanish (Mexico), Thai, Italian, Dutch, Greek, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Arabic (Egypt), Arabic (Saudi Arabia), Arabic (International), Hungarian, Romanian, Swedish, Czech, Finnish, Danish, Polish

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Translator
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Manual


Estimated Delivery: US 🇺🇸 3-7 Business Days.